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Bunbury Irrigation’s Town Water Scheme or Off Grid Watering Systems

Many people use either Town Water Schemes or Off Grid Watering Systems to irrigate their gardens and farms, supply drinking water for their animals and livestock, and provide household water. Do you also want to have natural irrigation systems? At Bunbury Irrigation, you will have reliable access to water from different sources such as the main water supply, a well, rainfall or a nearby river by installing Off Grid Watering Systems or Town Water Systems.
If you want to irrigate small or large areas, Bunbury Irrigation is ready to assess your irrigation requirements with thorough planning and a license from your local Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.

Water Irrigation System Installations

Town Water Scheme

While nature provides water, many of us rely on a complex network of pumps, pipes, equipment, and people to keep our water systems running. Town Water Scheme is a public water supply system or water supply network which includes water treatment and storage facilities (reservoirs, water tanks and water towers). If you are one of those people who do not have any access to water for a reticulation system, Bunbury Irrigation can install a watering system suitable for residential and commercial property.

Off Grid Watering Systems

Some people, particularly in rural areas, do not have access to municipal water systems. One of their water sources are nearby rivers, wells, or even rainwater. If you want to make your life easier, Bunbury Irrigation will help you upgrade a new and reliable watering system. Water can generally be accessed by a borehole (a deep hole bored into the soil), dam, or river and water extracted using a water pump. Off Grid Watering System is an efficient and convenient water system for garden and agricultural irrigation.

Is it safe to consume water from a town water scheme or a bore?

Water systems are required to meet strict water quality standards set by provincial regulations, and they must be tested on a regular basis to verify that they are safe to drink. Before being pumped to our homes and businesses, water is extracted from the water source and treated. If you are planning to install any water system, you’ll need to get a permit and have it installed by a licensed irrigation expert.

Bunbury Irrigation considers all relevant factors to ensure that the water quality is safe. They also take into account the location, which can have an impact on the quality of the water that is produced.

Benefits of Town Water Schemes or Off Grid Watering Systems

Install an Underground Irrigation System Today!

Whether you want town water schemes or off grid watering systems for your home or business, Bunbury Irrigation will help you with all your irrigation needs. Along with their irrigation installers, they provide a variety of water wise reticulation solutions. With any irrigation system, they will provide sustainable water irrigation services suitable for your requirements and budget. For consultations and quotes, please visit our contact page and fill out the contact form. We will reach out to you as soon as we can.

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