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Brief Summary

  • Bunbury Irrigation provides the best quality irrigation services as well as the most innovative products available
  • Provide you with a full range of irrigation services throughout Western Australia
  • Irrigation system planning, design, installation, and maintenance service
  • Irrigation installers will supply the products, conduct the installation, and carry out maintenance and repairs if needed
  • Residential irrigation system, commercial irrigation system, town water scheme or off grid watering system
  • Types of irrigation include drip systems, sprinkler systems, surface systems, automatic systems, smart systems
  • Installing a sustainable water source by Off grid watering systems or Tower Water Systems
  • Start planning your new residential and commercial irrigation projects today
  • To acquire our irrigation system installation and services, please fill out the contact form and one of our staff will contact you as soon as possible
  • We would love to help you with all your reticulation needs
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