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Do you need an advanced watering system for your crops, pasture, and plants? Do you want to ensure your lawn and gardens constantly thrive?
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With Bunbury Irrigation, you will get the latest irrigation technology for all your irrigation needs. We are committed to providing the best quality irrigation services as well as the most innovative products available. Whether you require a new residential irrigation system, commercial irrigation system, town water scheme or off grid watering system, your irrigation systems will be designed to maximise efficiency.

Allow Bunbury Irrigation’s experts to assist you in making the right decision for your garden and landscape watering system. They are always willing to provide you with all of the information, assistance, and time you need in order to make a practical decision about which irrigation system is best for you. For more details, please visit our contact page and send us a message. We would love to help you with all your reticulation needs.

Irrigation System Planning, Design, and Installation

You will have no more trouble finding a local irrigation installer because Bunbury Irrigation provides a full range of irrigation services throughout Western Australia. Before they begin the installation process, their experts will come to your property to give an estimate for the design and installation of a proper, convenient, and effective irrigation system. Whether it is for your home or a commercial property, they will offer the best irrigation plan for your needs.

Irrigation VS Reticulation

Irrigation System

In areas that have irregular weather conditions, irrigation improves crop growth and quality. It is the process of artificially watering crops or plants in order to meet their water requirements and provide nutrients. The most common water sources for irrigation are wells, rivers, and dams. Irrigation has helped cultivate the farmland which is ideal for farmers or other agricultural businesses.

Reticulation System

Unlike irrigation, reticulation refers specifically to underground watering systems for gardens or landscapes. Garden reticulation is widely used to maintain a healthy and evenly watered garden while complying with watering regulations. It has a series of pipes constructed under the landscaping and garden beds around the perimeter of the property suitable for homeowners.

Types of Irrigation for Homes and Businesses

Drip Reticulation Systems

Drip reticulation is a garden watering technique that uses a drip irrigation hose to deliver water directly to the plant roots. It keeps the roots moist but not drenched while conserving water. Drip systems allow landscapers to precisely control how much water their plants receive and when they receive it. When you have a lot of plants to take care of, this type of irrigation system is one of the best options.

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

One of the traditional garden irrigation methods are sprinkler systems. Sprinklers are ideal for areas with a large swath of plants or grassy lawns. You can also connect the system to a timer and sensors to make the sprinkler water the yard automatically. Sprinkler heads can be installed above ground or you can install pop up sprinkler heads that appear when the system is activated. Sprinkler Irrigation Systems are substantially more convenient and accessible than surface irrigation.

Surface Irrigation Systems

Water is dispersed over the surface of the soil by gravity, and it is considered the basic kind of irrigation. Water is forced to flow from a higher level along the field’s edge until it completely covers the property. Surface irrigation does not use pipes, rather the soil in the farm or landscape is changed to allow for the water flow.

Automatic Reticulation Systems

If you want a modern reticulation system, go with Automatic Irrigation Systems to work out your watering station needs. With the help of timers, you can deliver that amount of water at the same time every day or whatever is required. Auto watering systems improve irrigation efficiency and allow workers to focus on other important farming duties.

Smart Irrigation Systems

Unlike standard irrigation controllers, smart irrigation systems monitor weather, soil conditions, evaporation, and plant water use to automatically modify the watering schedule to the actual requirements of the site. You can control your irrigation systems using sensors or computers, just like other smart home devices. Also, intensive agriculture systems or nurseries would benefit from such a system. Even though smart irrigations a bit pricey, it is very convenient and efficient.

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